Machine Embroidery

It is not just pushing a button and walking away. Each stitch of your machine-embroidered patch is hand-programmed for our cyborg machine to make just for you. We ensure every needle punch is the correct distance apart, heading in the right direction, and works well with the štitches around it. We test it as many times as we need to. Then we get down to the stitching.

Our machine embroidery is made in-house on our big, fast-stitching industrial machine. We call our machine "Large Marge."

Machine Stitched Embroidery

The advantages of machine embroidery are
Detail - With machine embroidery, it is possible to capture fine detail.
Durability - Machine embroidery is more durable than hand-done chain or chenille embroidery. The technique and the materials used can often withstand machine washing. Machine-embroidered garments or patches make this style great for kids' clothes or everyday duds.
Consistency - Once programmed, a design stitches out the same when done on a machine.
Cost savings - If you need volume production of a design, machine embroidery can provide a cost savings.