About Chain-Stitching

Chainstitch Embroidery

Our chainstitch embroidery carries a historical tradition of embellishing workwear, garments, and fancy Western wear. Think script names, bowling shirts, and the over-the-top rhinestoned suits worn by everyone from Hank Williams to Elvis to Dolly Parton. Scroll down for more information about chainstitch embroidery and to view our recommendations for care.


Chainstitch is just that--a chain of stitches.

We hand-guide our designs on a machine manufactured initially around 1911. These machines are hard to find and take time to master, but we have enjoyed every minute of learning this skill.

We suggest the following care for your chainstitching: 

Chainstitch Embroidery Machine
  • Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Air dry.
  •  Iron To iron, use the lowest steam setting, placing a cloth over the threads or pressing from the garment back.